Leadership Agility and Sociocracy – or, How I introduced Sociocracy in my software company and worked myself out of a job

Guest post by Evan J Miller Back in May I gave a presentation to the Global Sociocracy For All conference. I really appreciated the chance to think through and share my ideas about the connections between Leadership Agility and Sociocracy. Leadership Agility is a discipline for charting a course for developing leaders, and Sociocracy is…Continue reading

Power-With at Play

Power-with is a mode of operating in deep collaboration, central to the Sociocratic Circle-organization Method (SCM). Should you be familiar with the gracious and effective momentum of the SCM, you will understand the natural intelligence embedded in its power-with approach. Here we explore what power-with is, and why it is so powerful to organizations in…Continue reading

Dare To Share the Lead

“…our ability to be daring leaders will never be greater than our capacity for vulnerability.” ~ Brene Brown Courageous leadership is a core mandate of Brene Brown’s 2018 book Dare To Lead, as described in this October 2020 episode of her newly launched Dare To Lead podcast. Vulnerability is at the heart of the matter.…

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