5 Pitfalls of a Top-Down Hierarchy and What to Do about Them – Part 1

The structure of a top-down organization, standard during the industrial age, ill-suits a world with fast-paced change. An alternative is the Sociocratic Circle Method, a whole-systems approach to decision-making, governance, and project management. It creates more inclusive, resilient, and effective organizations where all stakeholders have a voice in the policies that affect their work. This…Continue reading

Leadership Habits of Strategic Organizations

This Inc.com article on leaders as strategic thinkers, by Paul J. H. Schoemaker, offers a framework for illustrating how to build strategic leadership into self-managing organizations. The article suggests six habits of “Adaptive strategic leaders – the kind who thrive in today’s uncertain environment.” It describes how those habits support a successful organization. Schoemaker presents…Continue reading

Smooth flying for PULSE Board thanks to Dynamic Governance

In this post on the Exceptional Boards blog, Michael Kelrick, chair of the biology department at Truman State University, describes his experiences as he and his fellow PULSE (Partnership for Undergraduate Life Sciences Education) members begin to implement Dynamic Governance in their organization, with training and support from members of The Sociocracy Consulting Group (TSCG).…Continue reading

Learning Organizational Agility – From A School Success Story

Triple Pundit has just published the third of three articles by writer Sarah Lozanova on sociocracy (also called Dynamic Governance), a collaborative and highly effective organizational design and governance system for both for-profit companies and nonprofit organizations – “What Can a School Teach Us about Organizational Agility?” The article focuses on Rainbow Community School as…Continue reading

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