Facilitating Sociocracy

Understanding facilitation and the facilitator role in sociocracy is vital to success. This course focuses on the essentials of excellence in facilitation, from advance preparation to dealing with challenging situations.

Rave reviews!

"This course has given me much deeper appreciation for sociocratic facilitation.  Each week offered a step-by-step grounding in the circle meeting process.  My ability to successfully navigate a meeting has grown significantly, and our community’s meetings are much more productive now. It was great to have a small class with such skilled, experienced, and responsive instructors. I received a lot of help and suggestions specific to my real-world responsibilities. This is the first time in an online class that I felt so engaged, learned so much, and received so much value and personal attention. I highly recommend this class for anyone who wants to improve their understanding, experience, skills, and enjoyment of sociocratic facilitation."

- Hope V. Horton, Hart’s Mill Ecovillage, North Carolina

In this class you will

  • Explore facilitation structures and processes.
  • Plan and prepare for meetings and facilitate sociocratic decision-making processes, with coaching.
  • Practice handling challenging facilitation situations in role-plays and simulations.
  • Get support in facilitating in your own organization.
  • Get to know others who are using and learning sociocracy.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Foundations of Sociocracy or equivalent training or experience. Contact us if you have questions about prerequisites.

This training is offered online as a series of six 2 1/2 hour classes combined with between-class assignments. Online contact time is a minimum of 15 hours and instructor feedback and support between classes is included in the class fees.

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Additional information:

  • There will be approximately two hours of between-class homework assignments, with instructor feedback.
  • In addition each student will practice facilitation with a group outside of class time. If you do not already have a group with whom you can practice, we will assist you to set one up.
  • We will record all sessions so that you can listen if you miss a class.
  • Students who attend at least four classes and provide evidence that they have made up the other two classes will receive a certificate of participation.

In-House Facilitating Sociocracy Option
We will conduct the Facilitating Sociocracy training "in-house” by special arrangement. The required workshop contact time and between-class assignments can be scheduled to meet your organization’s needs and objectives. In-house training is an excellent method for building facilitation capacity and effective leadership within your organization.

To learn more about our in-house training option or to set up a program at your organization, please contact us.