“My advice to organizations planning or implementing [sociocracy] is to get assistance from a consultant. Doing that improved and speeded up the process for us, rather than leaving us to reinvent the wheel, which can be time consuming and costly.”
– Richard Heitfield, President, Creative Urethanes, Winchester, Virginia, USA

An implementation path for your organization

We recommend starting with Check It Out and Planning & Design days, to give you an introduction to sociocracy and us an opportunity to get to know your organization.

Check It Out

check-mark-01-120x120a one-day program

  • Learn the fundamentals of sociocracy with your leadership team.
  • Deal with real work issues through sociocratic meeting and decision-making processes.
  • Explore and experience how sociocracy will benefit your organization.

Planning & Design

input-network-graphic-01-200x118a one to two day program 

  • Design a draft of your organization’s initial circle structure.
  • Choose a place to begin using sociocracy in your organization.
  • Design initial implementation steps for a specific project or area of the organization.
  • Determine the time, energy, and commitment for implementation.

Implementation services

implementation-cycle-01-150x150customized for your organization’s needs and budget 

  • Build your organization’s capacity for self-sufficient use of sociocracy.
  • Choose an implementation team to guide the process in collaboration with a sociocratic consultant.
  • Receive training in sociocracy for the implementation project participants and implementation team.
  • Get in-person and virtual meeting support, custom coaching, and organizational design expertise.
  • Capture lessons learned to adapt and improve your implementation process.

Let us help your organization thrive.

Our expert sociocratic consultants are ready to work alongside you and your team to re-wire your organization and transform it beyond what you may have thought possible. Our customized approach will begin with your existing structure and respect your organization’s rhythm while catalyzing change that will enhance your ability to realize your vision.

Contact us for more information.