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The experience of “meeting fatigue” is exhausting. You lack motivation for team meetings because they’re consumed by a few dominant voices, lack a clear focus, get sidetracked by combative dynamics, and leave you feeling you’re not working as a team.

This is unfortunate and unnecessary – you’re not getting meaningful results, and you’re missing the satisfaction of quality collaboration.

It doesn’t have to be that way. More and more team leaders are embracing effective and engaging ways to run meetings. Team members are discovering they can speak candidly with each other. New and creative ideas are emerging. People leave meetings energized.

Leverage the collective intelligence of your team and increase your capacity to handle rapid change and complexity with Your Meeting Coach (YMC) – a customized service helping you and your team upskill appropriate to your needs.

YMC packages introduce you to key aspects of effective and collaborative meetings and decision-making, with support in:

  • Constructive meeting dynamics, both virtual and in-person
    • facilitation skills
    • including all voices
    • clear decision-making
  • Well-prepared meetings
    • designing effective agendas
    • prioritizing items
    • anticipating challenges
  • Online meeting documentation
  • Tips and techniques for effective video conference interaction

We coach you as you design and lead effective meetings, and offer tools and techniques you can apply immediately. We can even facilitate a meeting for you to model skills before you try them.

Choose either the YMC Starter Meeting Package for 5 hours of meeting support. Or step right into the transformation with the YMC Advanced Meeting Package for 12 hours of meeting support.

What you receive with a YMC package includes:

  • Coaching, training, and/or facilitation with an experienced facilitator/consultant.
  • Content and schedule tailored to your needs.
  • Templates to guide collaborative work.
  • Feedback with candor.
  • Email and phone support.

With a decade of collaboration together, TSCG members carry over 45 years of collective experience in working with virtual and in-person teams. We have been designing and leading interactive, experiential online training since 2012. The collaborative approaches we use and teach have been tested for more than five decades, including through times of crisis – see our white paper.

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