Leadership Agility and Sociocracy – or, How I introduced Sociocracy in my software company and worked myself out of a job

Guest post by Evan J Miller

Back in May I gave a presentation to the Global Sociocracy For All conference. I really appreciated the chance to think through and share my ideas about the connections between Leadership Agility and Sociocracy.

Leadership Agility is a discipline for charting a course for developing leaders, and Sociocracy is a governance model for designing better ways to make decisions in organization.

As far as I can tell, nobody else is talking about how these are related. In other words, the Leadership Agility community is off doing its thing, and the Sociocracy community is off doing what it does. They’re not talking to each other.

My view is that they should be talking – that you really can’t develop to a Catalyst leader without reinventing how decisions are made in your organization. And likewise, you can’t successfully implement a new governance model if the top leaders aren’t consciously developing their leadership capacity so they can embrace the sociocratic model.

Since this was an audience of sociocracy folks, my presentation introduced Leadership Agility and how my personal journey as a leader moving from Expert to Achiever to Catalyst expressed itself in the deployment of sociocratic principles in my company.

This presentation was a lot of fun. You can read a PDF of the presentation, or watch the video recording on my Writings page.


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