Embed the principles. Live the collaboration.

A cooperative approach at its most fundamental level implies working together to achieve a common objective. We help coops maximize their potential through sustainable growth, whole-organization idea- and resource-sharing, and stakeholder commitment.

  • Increase the clarity of your cooperative vision and mission
  • Align more thoroughly with co-op principles
  • Optimize collaboration
  • Reduce costs and improve operating efficiencies
  • Improve your response to rapidly changing markets
  • Generate productive alliances and partnerships
  • Enhance risk avoidance and problem-solving
  • Apply whole-organization growth strategy
  • Collaborative decisions replace win-lose voting
  • Clear  performance goals and measures generate business success
  • Effective and participatory self-management embodies co-op values

Feels Natural

Sociocracy is a process that feels natural. It's like getting a new game from the toy store. Some games you're agonizing over the rule book trying to figure it out. Other games you're playing within 15 minutes – sociocracy is like that. A person coming into the company can quickly plug in. And the decision making process speaks for itself.

Joe Garrison, Co-owner, Blue Scorcher Bakery & Cafe cooperative


Joe Garrison, Co-owner, Blue Scorcher Bakery & Cafe cooperative

An Innovative Community Leader

Before adopting sociocracy, Rainbow Community School had a flagging reputation and struggled to fill empty enrollment slots. Since adopting sociocracy, enrollment has almost doubled and there is a long waitlist. The size of its campus has doubled, and the school has gained a reputation for being an innovative community leader.

Renee Owen, Executive Director, Rainbow Community School, Asheville, North Carolina


Renee Owen, Executive Director, Rainbow Community School, Asheville, North Carolina

Collective ownership doesn't have to be difficult. We help you align with your vision and values as well as your business success.


Co-ops represent the future of the new economy - bringing our economy back to community scale, and bringing the wisdom of community to larger economic contexts.  At any scale, co-ops focus on empowering all members, and returning value to their community as well as their clients.

Effective and participatory self-management is difficult, but is fundamental to how a co-op is meant to function. In all types of cooperatives, members expect a voice in running the organization. Corporate business structures rarely provide space for that voice. Even with more egalitarian business structures, decision making using win-lose voting systems exacerbates the problem. As a result members become disappointed, frustrated, even resentful, and organizational viability suffers.

We’ve seen low morale due to ineffective or nonexistent self-management. We’ve seen co-ops turn around, increasing benefits to clients and communities, by applying effective self-management practices. We can help your co-op thrive by implementing processes and structures built on equivalence, transparency, and effectiveness. Besides the essential business benefits, you get greater alignment with cooperative principles and avoid polarizing effects of voting-based decision methods.