Struggling with runaway growth?

Losing your best people to competitors?

Suffering from poor risk management and problem solving?



Need better leadership that your budget can afford?

Struggling to retain donors?

Internal tensions threatening your effectiveness?

Coops and Employee Owned Companies

I'm an "owner," but I have no power!

"Why is collective ownership so hard?!"

You own it...but how do you run it?

Residential Care

High staff turnover?

Struggling with regulatory compliance?

Internal tensions affecting quality of care?



Ineffective meetings?

High teacher and staff turnover?

Too many hats for your heavy head to wear?

Intentional Communities

Had enough dysfunctional meetings?

Done with lack of accountability?

Tired of "tyranny of the minority?"


Sociocracy is an organizational approach  that

  • Kindles creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit
  • Maximizes effectiveness
  • Reduces tensions around power
  • Streamlines decision-making
  • Increases individual and collective engagement, commitment and empowerment


Sociocracy can be used in any organization where people are trying to accomplish something - together!

Collaborative decision-making produces more effective decisions and greater commitment to implementation.

Feedback built into the organizational structure provides both stability and agility.  


Sociocracy is a whole systems approach for organizational design and collaborative decision-making.

A sociocratic organization is governed collaboratively by its members - the 'socios', meaning associates, colleagues, companions - people working together towards a common aim.