Group Coaching

Welcome to the exciting new offering by TSCG! The Group Coaching container is for ongoing sociocracy learning, implementation and practice.

It supports you and your organization to reap the rich rewards of responsive and effective governance and decision-making culture.

  • Access affordable ongoing support for sociocracy learning and implementation community.
  • Grow with expert knowledge and specific insight for your sociocracy journey.
  • Learn from other’s experiences to access broader exposure to implementation and scenarios for deeper learning.

There is no set curriculum, so the group is adaptive to your needs as they arise.

Aim – To provide a Group Coaching container of monthly 2-hour calls, plus active Q&A forum.

Hosted by the TSCG team, giving you access to our wide-range of lived expertise and experience in implementation and practice of the Sociocracy Circle-organization Method (SCM).

Subscribe for a monthly membership, with a 3 month minimum.  In this way you cultivate the deep foundational roots in practicing sociocracy with integrity, curiosity and community.