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Wed May 23 10:08:11 HST 2018


You are currently subscribed to this email list, which is the Sociocracy 
Consulting Group information email list. We use this list to notify 
subscribers of events, workshops, articles, and other happenings and 
information relevant to sociocracy.

This is an update on our policy for the information you have provided in 
order to be a subscriber.

The only information we store is your email address, and in some cases 
your name (if it was provided when you subscribed).

This information is never shared with third parties without your permission.

List membership is based on your continued desire to be subscribed to 
this list.

If you no longer wish to receive messages on this list, please click the 
your unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email.


the Sociocracy Consulting Group

The Sociocracy Consulting Group
contact at sociocracyconsulting.com

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