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If your answer is "yes" - how, specifically, do you create and maintain 
the equivalence you value in your meetings?

We all know when it's NOT happening -  meetings where some people 
dominate the conversation, and others withdraw.

When this happens, good decision-making is compromised. Not all voices 
are heard and important ideas, issues or perspectives may be missed. And 
some people are allowed to avoid responsibility by being silent and not 

These meetings don’t build trust or good will - quite the opposite! They 
generate stress and conflict, and fail to nurture creativity.

Who wants to go to a meeting like that?

One simple way to change this experience is to use "rounds."

Actively initiate a round by asking, “What do you think, Petra? What do 
you think, Chris? What about you, Helen?” - and moving around the circle 
of people in the meeting to include everyone present.

Using rounds can completely change the dynamic of the group by 
establishing equivalence - giving each person an opportunity to 
contribute and take responsibility. It accesses the group wisdom and it 
builds trust. Try it!

In our Foundations of Sociocracy online courses you will learn and 
practice this and other powerful ways to have meetings that are built on 
the equivalence you value, meetings that build trust and optimize the 
wisdom and intelligence of the group.

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