Live your values. Accelerate your vision.

We help nonprofits go from vision to mission accomplished through building organizational value delivery systems that support excellent service to clients as well as solid fiscal viability.

  • Effective structures and processes for values-based results
  • Continuous leadership development at all levels
  • Whole-organization alignment on goals and outcomes
  • Succession planning and long-term sustainability
  • Clear roles and responsibilities
  • Whole-organization strategic planning
  • Optimized donor engagement and retention
  • Increased effectiveness of available resources
  • Fully transparent and accountable operations
  • Engaging diverse communities
  • Communications structure that empowers all stakeholders

Fewer Meetings, Better Decisions

We adopted sociocracy and all of a sudden there is a room full of empowered people helping make decisions. People feel different. I’d say that at the end of 100% of our circle meetings - where we set policy - everyone says, 'My goodness. I feel so much more energized.' We have fewer meetings over time as we’ve implemented sociocracy, the decisions are better, and the follow-through is better because everyone’s on board.

Paul Kervick, Outreach Coordinator and Board Member, Vermont


Paul Kervick, Outreach Coordinator and Board Member, Vermont

A Collective Effort Like no Other

When we set up the International Conscious Movement Teachers Association we wanted to create a genuinely inclusive organisation run on a less hierarchical model. It’s been quite a journey - learning new ways of being - transparency, equivalence...passing decisions off to those responsible for the area of work - and letting them get on with it! We ended up with a lot more than we had bargained for...a collective effort like no other, and intelligent decision-making that genuinely stems from collaboration and creativity. The biggest surprise for many of us is how heart-warming the process is - and how it supports the making of bonds between us.

Tim Foskett, Director, International Conscious Movement Teachers Association


Tim Foskett, Director, International Conscious Movement Teachers Association

Move beyond the limits of board-centric governance to a collaborative culture and collective intelligence throughout your organization.


Having the whole organization aligned on goals is difficult, but makes all the difference for accomplishing those goals.

Lack of alignment leads to duplication of effort on the one hand, and important tasks falling through the cracks on the other. Mismatched ideas about organizational goals generates friction and frustration in meetings. Decisions are harder to make. People are working at cross purposes. Likelihood of burnout increases at all levels when there's no clear sense of progress.

We’ve seen poor internal alignment drag down organizations. We’ve seen frustrating meetings, and whole organizations, turn around by improving alignment. This ability can - and should - be built into your organization. We can help you implement structures and processes that ensure alignment throughout your organization, make meetings productive and energizing, and generate excitement about progress toward your goals.