International Certification

TSCG is affiliated with The Sociocracy Group, located in the Netherlands.
The Sociocracy Group is an international certifying organization, and provides advanced certifications in three areas:

  • Certified sociocratic facilitator - focus is on facilitating sociocratic process for efficient meetings and participatory decision making.
  • Certified sociocratic trainer - focus is on providing foundational and advanced sociocratic training for organizational development and/or public events.
  • Certified sociocratic consultant - focus is on facilitation, training, implementation, and training the trainer in complex organizations.

These levels of certification require demonstrated real-world understanding and application of  standards defining theory and practice of sociocracy, as well as documented experience over time with one’s clients or one’s own organization.

We provide training, such as our Advanced Sociocratic Practitioner program, and mentoring, in support of certifications by The Sociocracy Group. Please contact us for more information.