Certified Sociocratic Practitioner

circle-meeting-puzzle-piece-graphic-02-250x250Certification as a Sociocratic Practitioner is the next level on the journey. Building on a prerequisite of our Foundations of Sociocracy training, we combine a workshop progression and a Community of Practice incorporating real-world experience, mentoring, and measurement to integrate learnings and assist in implementation.

This program is designed to provide a thorough understanding of Sociocracy in theory and practice, including development of specific skills for facilitation, organizational structure design, and other key elements from a sociocratic perspective.

We offer this program in a flexible class format available in-person or on-line. Contact us for additional information.

Component of program Contact hours
Facilitating Sociocracy - training 15 hrs
Workflow & Project Management - training 5 hrs
Design of sociocratic organizations - training 8 hrs
Implementation of sociocracy - training 8 hrs
Mentoring & Peer Learning - Community of Practice (2hrs/month) 24 hrs
Practicum - working with your organization and/or facilitating specialized community of practice Varies per participant
Measurement - personal goal setting, peer support and review Varies per participant
Total 60 hrs (minimum)

On successful completion, participants receive certification by TSCG as a Sociocratic Practitioner.

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This training also provides an educational and practical foundation for international certifications offered by The Sociocracy Group.