With Sociocracy, Hierarchy Becomes Agile

April 10, 2017 @ 2:30 pm – 3:45 pm
San Diego, CA - Global Scrum Gathering
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TSCG founding member Sheella Mierson co-leads this introductory workshop at the Global Scrum Gathering in San Diego.

Agile teams can bump into top-down management of their organization. Learn about a new strategy to scale up Scrum to an entire company – including outside the software development area – so that management becomes top-down and bottom-up. Learn also a simple process you can use immediately to tighten up your sprint planning meetings and your retrospectives. Sociocracy (aka dynamic governance) is a method of governance, decision-making, and project management, developed in the Netherlands based on cybernetics and systems theory. A key innovation is its structural approach to improving communication and decision-making. Sociocracy supports the broad implementation of Agile values. This experiential session will introduce you to the principles of sociocracy, and give you hands-on practice with a new decision-making method.

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