Agile and Lean Organizations.

Take Agile to full scale. Be Lean without the mean.

Our Agile and Lean enhancement solutions empower small teams and whole organizations alike to deliver faster, to visualize their collective goals, to optimize their workflow, and to create an ecosystem of performance excellence.

  • Deliver greater value with less effort
  • Effectively manage rapid and sustainable growth
  • Transform your culture to match your values
  • Continuous, built-in process improvement
  • Healthy, innovative learning organization
  • Empowered cross-functional teams
  • Reap the benefits of transparency
  • Clear processes for effective decision-making
  • Become a ‘future ready’ organization
  • Accelerate time-to-value

Increased Profits the First Year

Sociocracy has made a big difference in Creative Urethanes’ ability to withstand the economic downturn. We saw increased profits within the first year of using the method. Over time we have applied it to many areas of the company. As a result we have better communication throughout the company, lower employee turnover, more energy in staff members due to increased involvement, more creative ideas that help us thrive in our industry, and continuous improvement within the organization. Best for me is I have more assistance—having everyone’s help during hard economic times has lifted some weight off my shoulders.

Richard Heitfield, President, Creative Urethanes, Winchester, Virginia


Richard Heitfield, President, Creative Urethanes, Winchester, Virginia

Fosters cooperation and trust

Sociocracy shifts us away from the old command-and-control structures with which most of us grew up -- structures that often fostered fear, control, and competition among people. What we have instead now is a system that fosters cooperation and trust, allowing room for a new way of working together. It's beautiful to witness.

Cynthia Kennedy, Founding Member, Open Floor International


Cynthia Kennedy, Founding Member, Open Floor International

We enable your Agile and Lean approaches to scale up to your entire organization, while also implementing methods that provide increased value for your customers and employees.


To thrive and succeed in today's global markets requires an ability to deliver value to customers and employees alike. We help organizations build responsive, adaptive culture that accelerates delivery of higher quality products and services to customers, while providing stability and structure that promotes innovative and engaged employees.

Traditional corporate environments must adopt smarter, more efficient methods to become fast-moving, high-growth, successful companies. We enhance your Agile and Lean methodologies with organization-wide scaling that enables higher quality offerings to your clients in a more sustainable manner and a healthier work environment.

Our approach has a transformative effect on the culture of an organization, without disrupting what is already working well. Changing how people interact with one another changes culture. People working together are empowered to organize and guide their collective work, which establishes a more collaborative and creative environment with a common goal of faster value delivery.