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Hillary Joy Interviews Gina Price

The Pulse 94.7, Geelong, Australia, May 2012

Kim Hill Interviews John Buck

Radio New Zealand, August 2011


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The Creative Forces of Self-Organization by John Buck and Gerard Endenburg

Dynamic Governance for Nonprofit Organizations by John Buck and Jerry Koch-Gonzalez

Dynamic Leadership: Getting Around Blind Spots by Sheella Mierson, Ph.D.



We The People By John Buck and Sharon Villines
This book explains the concepts behind sociocracy and why it produces such dramatic results. Available from your local independent bookseller or from Amazon.com.




Success Stories - case studies of sociocracy transforming organizations.

Dynamic Governance: A New System for Better Decisions - part one of a three-part series at TriplePundit focuses on how using sociocracy helped a plastics manufacturing company survive the economic crisis of 2008.

How This Residential Care Home Bumped Employee Engagement Into Overdrive - part two of the TriplePundit series looks at a real-world implementation of sociocracy. Reprinted by NonprofitQuarterly as Dynamic Governance: Kicking Employee Engagement Into Overdrive.

What Can a School Teach Us about Organizational Agility? - the third article from TriplePundit's series looks at sociocracy in an educational context.

Sociocracy: An Organizational Structure for Distributed Leadership - this TriplePundit article outlines the basics of the Sociocratic Circle Method.

Consent Decision Making: The "Dynamic Governance" Model - from BoardSource comes this look at an organization of academic leaders exploring the benefits of sociocracy.

US Employee Engagement a Mere 32%, But The Sociocracy Consulting Group Finds It Can Be Raised - an outline of how sociocracy can improve employee engagement.

Web sites

Sociocracy.info - a deeper democracy. We The People co-author Sharon Villines' sociocracy information site  - a resource for sociocratic history, ideas, methods, essays, applications, and additional information.

Beyond Democracy
by filmmaker Ted Millich
An independently produced documentary on dynamic governance.



Sociocracy Group

on Yahoo Groups
An e-mail list that includes conversations, news, events and updates for, from, and about sociocracy. The group spans the globe, as well as all levels of experience from complete beginner to expert. Everyone with an interest in sociocracy is welcome to join.