puzzle-pieces-01-350x138We are a team of passionate believers in equivalence, effectiveness, and transparency.  We combine a diversity of backgrounds with a common vision, mission, and aim.

Clients choose us time and again because

  • Everyone in the organization becomes more engaged
  • Leaders’ jobs become easier
  • Their financial well-being improves

Picture an organizational and work environment where

  • People take responsibility for the well-being of their organization
  • Individuals are leaders and enjoy what they do
  • Everyone contributes their best abilities towards the organization’s success
  • People are relaxed, happy, and radiate a sense of accomplishment

We can help you develop an organization like that!

We create long-term sustainable partnerships with our clients as we help organizations implement sociocracy as their decision-making and governance method.

Our portfolio of clients is well diversified and includes organizations of all types – from manufacturers to drug researchers; from government agencies to faith-based groups; from nonprofit associations and schools to co-housing communities and families.